Title: Znoud Al Sit S1 Promo
Genre: Social - Comedy - Contemporary
Cast: Wafa Moussalli
Year of Production: 2012
Director: ABC - Arabic Broadcast Content
Number of episodes: 30
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode
The Storyline is as follows:
Znoud AlSit is a drama series that revolves around simple social issues set in a comedic frame and played out through numerous community-based stories that take place between members of one family and the pivotal character.  This character  is “Aishe Khanum”, sometimes known as “Im Alnour”, who is the only anchor character that always appears as a link for the sake of continuity in all the episodes. In other words, all of the family characters are characters that change in every series, whether set inside or outside the house.  They face ever-changing, challenging and new events day in day out. These events are derived from real life situations and issues, affecting the family, where “Aishe Khanum”, the one and only confidant of the community, solves every problem, relying on her expertise, experience of life and subtlety.
The Plot:
Znoud AlSit is a series that consists of individual episodes, where each episode has a different stand-alone storyline. Each episode covers a different subject to be dealt with,  yet with the same main character “Aishe Khanum” sometimes known as “Im Alnour” hosting a variety of guests from many different walks of life, neighbors, relatives, etc…
Every episode deals with dramatic lifestyle issues, with a sense of comedy and humor.  This is especially so in the topics related to the relationships of the female members of the family; for example, the viewer will see and feel their jealousy, envy, hatred, passion, etc… In fact the whole gamut of emotions …
The series also highlights Damascene/Syrian cuisine; a special dish will be prepared in each episode, in a relaxed and spontaneous way, in order to create a drama series where the characters can talk about the most famous dishes of the Damascene cuisine, while discussing the issues of the day. These delicious dishes will finally be presented for the enjoyment of the family members, or their guests. In so doing, the true family atmosphere will be clearly displayed, hand in hand with the dramatic context of the discussion topics of the day.