Title: Alasifa Alsamita
Genre: Drama
Cast: Arzum Onan, Erkan Petekkaya, Bilal Yilmaz
Year of Production: 2007
Director: Ozer Kiziltan
Number of episodes: 32
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode
Shaker is the owner of Sinus Holding, which is a port, shipyard, transport and tourism business. Apart from this he is also a mob kingpin, involved in illegal trading and weapon smuggling. 
Shaker’s son, Yigit, is a very well educated new generation businessman. Nesreen, the Financial Manager at Sinus Holding and Shaker’s right hand is a beautiful smart young woman. She quickly attracts Yigit’s attention but does not return his feelings at first. 
Shaker’s cousin, Izzet, who was raised by Shaker grows tired of living in his shadow and plots a scheming and devious plan against the family. 
All the while, Shaker is kept under close surveillance by the Crime Investigation Force. They know about his illegal weapon smuggling business and are planning a crackdown on his operation. 
Is it the right moment to catch Shaker?