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Discop 2017

Connecting Key Players Driving Multi-Platform, Multi-Screen and Television Content Business Across the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Oceania and Southeast Asia.

Place & Time

Madinat Jumeirah Resort  |  January 29 – 31, 2017


DISCOP DUBAI targeted broadcasters, pay-tv and mobile operators, online distribution platforms, international and regional distributors, international and local TV and web producers, satellite companies, advertising and marketing agencies, and consumer brands driving multiplatform, multiscreen content business across 54 strategic countries in the Middle East, North Africa, the Indian Subcontinent, Oceania and South-East Asia.

Built for business and designed for success DISCOP DUBAI brought together 1500+ qualified delegates for a 3-day agenda driven essentially by a market powered by pre-organized meetings, premiere screenings of upcoming TV and web shows, and high-level networking opportunities.

The 2760m2 market floor (MADINAT ARENA) featured meeting tables, furnished and unfurnished 9m2 stands, 36m2 islands, country pavilions and a matchmaking lounge for non-exhibiting delegates. Within steps of the market floor, a 1880m2 area (JOHARAH) was given to the promotion of upcoming TV and web shows, with three private screening rooms welcoming up to 100 guests for customized morning and afternoon presentations with pre and post cocktail opportunities, and well-defined spaces for hospitality, reception, interviews and, of course, talent, VIPs, and press.


  1. 10,000+ CONTACTS: An in-house, multilingual team of market analysts researches and maintains database of 10,000+ qualified contacts from 6,000+ companies 
  2. BUSINESS ACROSS 150 COUNTRIES: DISCOP delegates include BUYERS, SELLERS, PRODUCERS and INFLUENCERS driving multi- platform, multi-screen television  content  business across 150 countries
  3. ASSISTING PRODUCERS: DISCOP is now expanding its meeting organization capacities to also assist producers with works-in-progress seeking funding and distribution opportunities
  4. DELIVER QUALIFIED MEETINGS: DISCOP is engineered to deliver qualified meetings between delegates before and during the event
  5. 72% OF DISCOP DELEGATES USE MEETING SERVICES: 72% of DISCOP delegates take advantage of advance and on-site meeting organization services that guarantee an average of 35 to 40 meetings per event
  6. CERTIFIED BY INSTITUTIONS: Certified by trade and governmental export assistance associations: TVFI (France), KOCCA (Korea), SARFT (China), PACT (UK), US Commercial Service (USA), ICEX (Spain), RATEM (Turkey), NFVF (South Africa), etc..
  7. CONNECTED GLOBALLY: DISCOP has offices in Los Angeles, and Johannesburg and maintains a network of field agents based in Russia, China, Turkey, France and UAE.
  8. 92% BRAND RECOGNITION GLOBALLY: DISCOP enjoys a 92% brand recognition level in the 150 countries covered by its organization
  9. PARTNERSHIPS WITH MEDIA: Partnerships with major and regional trade, print and online, publications: VARIETY, VIDEO AGE, WORLD SCREEN NEWS, C21, TBI, TODOTV, CEETV, PRENSARIO, LE FILM FRANCAIS, etc..
  10. 3000+ COMPANIES PARTICIPATE: Over 3000+ major and independent distribution companies have taken part in DISCOP since 1991




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