Title: Znoud Al Sit S3 Promo
Genre: Social - Comedy - Contemporary
Cast: Wafa Moussalli, Salma Al Masri, Maram Ali, Lia Mabardi, Marah Jabr, Shukran Murtaja, Khaled Haidar
Year of Production: 2014
Director: Tamer Eshak
Number of episodes: 30
Running Time: 45 minutes per episode

Znoud Al-Sitt

  (The Arms of a Lady)

(3rd season)


A TV series of 30 episodes and the third season of the journey of Aisha Khanum in her ancient Damascene house.


(Let us continue) is a title of one of the episodes in the third season, and an expression of the desire to continue this journey without getting far from the two previous seasons. As we previously knew, Znoud Al-Sit is a moment of elation by Sham's (Damascus) fragrance, and the tales of its women.



A good place is accompanied by good people, and these good people will accompany us to this marvelous place, scented with jasmine aromas and the fragrance of ancient Sham, in moments mixed with spices, smiles, and tales, so we continue the journey..



In the third season, we try to maintain the first and the second seasons' characteristics, as it is a sequel of what we have previously presented. In addition to several elements that contribute to enrich and diversify the show, we have represented the characters of the previous seasons, from the Gulf region for example, in order to connect and enrich the show.  We also expanded the circle of relations surrounding Aisha Khanoum to include neighbors, her daughters and her sisters, as major personalities of the show, in addition to guests from Arab countries, starting from the Palestinian Dabka (a type of folkloric dance)  through Yemen, and between the folds of Old Damascus and its markets. Also, the house of Aisha Khanoum  narrates its stories and entertains us with unique dishes, habits, sayings and songs to unfold the secrets of the characters as well as their relationship with  Aisha Khanoum (Om-annour), who shares with us her unique food recipes, as well as her smile...

In this season, we will learn how to preserve food, through an interesting dramatic context, that needs a woman with passion to take us on a journey dominated by beauty, taste and a smile, which is Znoud Al-Sitt's journey.







The Series consists of  separate-content episodes, whereby Aisha Khanoum, her daughters and sisters receive  new comers, filled with love to the place, to a lover,  or to an adventure between the aromatic jasmines, to weave our episode's strands and taste, to form a show that raises simple social issues in a social comedy, in addition to teaching how to prepare a daily dish, and preserve food, on a journey between the Damascene houses and markets.




- Aisha khanoum:  Also called Om-annour, a good-hearted and a loving woman in her fifties, who takes care of strangers like her own kin, she willingly turns her house into what resembles an inn, to break her loneliness and help others, representing the Damascene woman in particular and women in general.


- Nada: Aisha khanoum's married daughter, whose husband is traveling abroad, she decides to spend the holiday in Damascus close to her husband's family, and her mother. She is a beautiful, soft, clean woman, who has a lot of desirable Damascene coquettish traits.
- Huda: Aisha khanoum's second daughter who lives abroad, and decides to spend the holiday with her mother. She rents a house close to her mother's, and spends most of her time with her. Resembling her mother in her personal traits, Huda is a nice and a hospitable woman.
- Hayat: Aisha khanoum' sister, who resembles Aisha in most of her traits, and a classy lady with a high style.
- Sabah: Aisha Khanoum's younger sister; a pretty woman who takes care of her beauty as a woman that she is proud of.
- Tamador: Om-Ahmed's niece: Om-Ahmed has to travel, so Tamador steps in her shoes, taking advantage of all Om-Ahmed's relationships, aiming to gain money. She resembles Om-Ahmed to a large extent, and we can say that she is the younger and wittier version of her, without any harm.


- Fareed: A young and a curious vegetable grocer. A polite and harmless womanizer,  whose main goal is to find another wife for himself.