Title: Rabihh El Omr Aljameh
Genre: Drama
Cast: Bernhard Schir, Lisa Martinek, Nikola Rudle, Christopher Scharf
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Wolfgang Murnberger
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 88 minutes

Maria and Paul love their teenage daughter, Nadja, but both have been blind to the changes their daughter is going through – changes that will soon drastically alter all of their lives. 


Although Maria has a stressful job and Paul is about to expand his successful tax-consulting firm, they believe they are giving their daughter everything she needs. 


However, they fail to notice that Nadja occasionally does not make it home at night, or that she now has her first boyfriend. She has also lost a lot of weight, sleeps longer than usual and talks far less about herself than before, but these clear warning signs have gone unobserved. 


On her 16th birthday, Nadja persuades her parents to let her celebrate – after all, it is during the school holidays. 


In the middle of the night Maria is awakened by a call on her cell phone – a call that suddenly plunges her family into a nightmare. Maria would have sworn Nadja could never be involved with drugs, but now she is forced to face the shocking reality – her daughter is already heavily addicted. Not only are Maria and Paul completely ignorant about drug abuse; they have not even the slightest idea about this boy that their daughter has been spending so much time with.Robi smiles easily, but is somewhat shy and does not talk very much. He appears to be a nice guy – but he is a junkie. Maria and Paul are soon to learn just how aggressive and unpredictable he can become after a fix… 


A dark and downward spiral begins for them all. Nadja lies, Robi steals money and then they both simply disappear. 


Frantic with worry, Maria spends the entire night desperately searching the city for her child.Finally, Maria and Paul are holding their completely stoned child in their arms and Paul anxiously realizes that they have to do something immediately to save her. But what could that be? How far must he go?