Title: Koukh Al Ahlam
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Christina Plate, August Schmölzer, Jan Sosniok, Elfi Eschke, Maximilian Krückl
Year of Production: 2009
Director: Thomas Jacob
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 88 minutes

Once a wild child of the mountains, Sandra Hofer, has been transformed into a sophisticated city girl. She now works with her friend Matthias Jansen in a very successful advertising agency in Vienna. 


When Sandra inherits a hut in the mountains from her recently deceased father, she plans to sell it. Matthias likes to buy a penthouse apartment in Vienna, but Sandra is not quite ready to commit – she simply is not yet sure that she wants to live with him. When she arrives in Tyrol to prepare for the cabin’s sale, she meets her father’s friends, Theres, Karl and Katti. 


At first Sandra feels guilty because the three will lose their jobs, but then when she realizes that the buyer is Mayor Xaver Riemer, her father’s most hated enemy, she decides to temporarily open the cabin for the upcoming season. Theres, Karl and Katti are thrilled. 


But Xaver, a spiteful man, vengefully uses every possible means at his disposal to damage Sandra’s standing in the community. His son Mark, Sandra’s teenage sweetheart, is a fair guy who frowns on his father’s methods. 


Admiring her fighting spirit, Mark does what he can to help Sandra. It is not long before their old sparks reignite and they are again drawn to each other. By this point Sandra has already felt the sting of Xaver’s power. Being the mayor, he has influence on bakers, supermarkets, printers and banks and viciously manipulates them in his campaign against her. 


Willing to go to any length, he even finally persuades Matthias to take his side. The two devise a malicious plan, in which two visitors to the cabin are injured, leaving the authorities no choice but to close it down…