Title: Bollywood Fi Jibal Al Alps
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Cast: Alexandra Neldel, Omar El-Saeidi, Murali Perumal, Thomas Heinze, Wolfram Berger
Year of Production: 2010
Director: Holger Haase
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 90 minutes
Many years ago the successful businesswoman Franzi turned her back on her hometown. Completely fed up with the tiny mountain village and its conservative and small-minded residents, she fled to the big city where she has since lived life in the fast lane.
When her job demands to find a location representing the Alps for a Bollywood film team, Amir, the Indian film star, is completely dissatisfied with the modern tourist village Franzi has chosen. Pressured by deadlines and a mounting despair, Franzi suggests her own hometown. Amir is thrilled by the idea.
Already upon their arrival the colorful Bollywood team disrupts the lazy routine of the quiet mountain village. Both groups could not be more different. On one side are the warm but fussy and inflexible villagers led by a mayor who still tortures himself over his wife’s death.Across a deep cultural gap, there are the lively members of the Indian film crew who love to joyfully celebrate with their music and dance. For the villagers with their provincial attitudes, the life-embracing customs of the crew are a continual source of shock and astonishment.
Unexpectedly, Franzi meets an old love, the mountain ranger Bruno, and their flame again re-ignites. But Bruno is plagued by the feeling that he cannot compete against such an exotic rival as the film star Amir…