Title: William & kate
Genre: Drama
Cast: Nico Evers-Swindell, Camilla Luddington, Ben Cross, Samantha Whittaker, Charles Shaughnessy
Year of Production: 2011
Director: Mark Rosman
Number of episodes: 0
Running Time: 87 minutes

“William & Kate” tells the true story of Prince William’s romance with Kate Middleton, from the moment the lovely commoner first won his royal heart. It follows the couple through all the ups and downs of their relationship. 


The movie begins with Prince William, heir to the throne, and Kate Middleton, a commoner from an upper middle class family, commencing their four years at St. Andrews University. For the first time in his life Prince William has the opportunity to live a normal life away from the paparazzi. Despite the unavoidable buzz on campus that his presence generates, William is able to make sincere friends with classmates including Kate Middleton. William and Kate grow close over the semester and even see each other outside of class, although both are dating other people. At the beginning of the following semester, William and his friends attend a charity fashion show in which Kate is modeling. William’s eye follows her as she walks down the catwalk, for the first time truly beginning to appreciate her beauty. Later that evening, William takes Kate by surprise with an attempted kiss, but she makes it clear to him that they are just friends.  


Soon afterwards, Kate and her boyfriend break up and William invites some friends to Highgrove, Prince Charles’ home. While on the way back, Kate and William and two friends decide to move into an apartment together. William and Kate grow closer and their friendship blossoms into a passionate love affair. Despite William’s desire to keep their love private, they are caught kissing on a trip to Klosters. The tabloids go crazy with their public display of affection. The couple graduate from college and William begins army training while Kate begins work at Jigsaw. The distance proves to be difficult – Kate must endure the spotlight alone. In order to help Kate cope, William has a member of the palace educate her in royal matters and protocol. Although he sincerely attempts to help her, his absence distresses Kate. The tabloids dub her “Waitie Katie” and Kate feels the pressure of life with, and without William. To make matters worse, William announces to Kate he has signed up for another three years of RAF training. This leads to an argument and the two breaks up. Now freshly single, William and Kate go off on their own. 


While Kate begins to establish a life without William, it slowly dawns on the prince just how much he regrets losing his one true love. He resolves not to make the same mistake his father did. After seven years together, William finally proposes to Kate and she agrees to love him forever – and to become his princess.