Title: Bo Mamo
Genre: Animation
Year of Production: 2011
Director: Shabuddin Chowdari
Number of episodes: 52
Running Time: 13 minutes per episode
When the ancient land of Oregonia was shattered by a sudden frostbite, the fate of many animals became uncertain. The same happened to a family of mammoths who were trying 
to get to a safer place before the frostbite hit. 
The frostbite separated Bo, a baby mammoth, from his loving family. This did not deter the little mammoth; he set out on a journey to find his family. On the way he made new friends, 
a wise and crazy mountain eagle named Ron and a quick mouthed squirrel named Zamm. 
This journey will have them cross paths with many creatures; some would become their friends and others would become their enemies. They will discover that the frostbite that shattered Oregonia was not totally a natural calamity. It was a carefully crafted plan by someone who had long been banished from Oregonia… 
Bo Mamo is the story of a Baby Mammoth who learns to grow up and face life on his own.